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The Rams' Report

On a Soppy bone soaking Saturday Oct 28th at HF-L the 4th seeded Rams feel to the number 1 seeded ERG Bombers 29-20.
the second straight year the Bombers finished the Rams season and in the last 4 years these two teams have ended each other's season. The series is 2 and 2 in those 4 games.
The DiDominator Connor DiDomineck ran the opening kickoff back 90 yards. It was the 3 Kickoff return in the last 4 games for the Rams.
The Bombers went 3 and out on their first drive.
ERG could not get the punt off. The rams had a short field and took advantage with the short field and scored on a Hockaday sneak.
Before you could finish your kickoff snack the Rams were up 14-0. The Rams had the Ball for the last minute of the minute of the 1st quarter and then went on a epic long drive that ate up almost the entire 2nd Quarter. The drive was capped off with a Tyler Finch TD run. With under 2 minutes left in the half the Bombers went down the field and scored with 41 seconds left..
It was 20-14 at the half.
ERG would score two more TD's in the 2nd half to make the final score 29 to 20.
Tyler Finch finished the game with 18 carries for 95 yards and a Td. Connor DiDomineck had 73 yards on 18 carries and a TD. Stefan "The Ordozer" Ordway had 7 carries for 44 yards. Noah Hockaday had 2 carries for 4 yards and a TD.
The Black Shirt Defense was lead by Devon Rickard wth 6 tackles.
Connor Cupp had 5 tackles and Brandon Finch, Trevor Boss and Kyle Rinker had 4 tackles each.
The Rams are now 4 and 3 against ERG since 2003. 3 and 3 in Sectionals and 2 and 2 in Semi Final games.
The Rams finish the season 6 and 3 for the second year in a row.
The last 2 years the only teams to beat Bath is Hornell, Livonia and ERG.
The last 3 years the only teams to beat Bath is Hornell, Livonia,ERG and Chenango Forks.
Coach Carroll finishes his 31st season with a 182-98 record. He is now 9-6 in Sectional Semi Final games.
ERG came up short in the Class C Final against Cal Mum/BB 27-26. The Rams beat Cal Mum/BB in Week 1 at Cal Mum 24 to 20
ERG coach Dennis Greco improves to 148-80. Since 2000 In Semi Final games 5 and 6. In Finals he is 1 and 4. Losing in 2000, 2015,2016, 2017. Winning in 2012.
Coach Carroll will finish this season 2nd on the Active Wins list and 8th all time in Section V.
He is 4 wins behind former Cal Mum Coach Mike Monacelli.
Connor DiDomineck finished the season with 103 carries for 990 and 13 TD's and 4 conversions. Tyler Finch ended the season with 128 carries and 904 yards with 13 TD's and 3 conversions.
Stefan Ordway finished with 373 yards on the ground on 53 carries along with 4 TD's
Noah Hockaday in his first year as a starting Quarterback went 14 for 37 for 215 yards and 2TD's
Connor D had 5 catches for 77 yards and a TD. The Boss man Trevor had 3 catches for 101 yards and a TD.
Brandon Finch lead the team in tackles with 61 along with a sack and 3 fumble recoveries.
Seth Walden finished with 44, Connor Cupp had 43 with 2 sacks and a fumble recovery.
Senior Zack Tenny had 40 tackles and let the team with 4 sacks. Noah Hockaday lead the team with 2 interceptions.
The Rams Defense had 12 sacks on the season. 3 Interceptions and 7 fumble recoveries.
Connor DiDomineck finished with the most points this year with 86 points. He lead the team in TD's last year and was tied for the lead this year with Tyler Finch who had 84 points. Stefan Ordway had 4 TD's and 5 conversions for 34 points. Hockaday had 3 TD's and 6 conversions. Connor Cupp had 3 TD's. 3 Conversions and 3 extra points.
The Rams finished with 39TD's  22 conversions and 281 points. That is an average of 31.2 per game. they gave up 194 points. that is an average of 21.5 per game.
The Rams Offense finished running 410 plays for 3,036 yards. An average of 45.5 plays for 337 yards.
The RAMbling Rams ran the ball 376 times for 2,824 yards. An Average of 41 carries and 31.3 yards.
Bath rushed for over 300 yards 5 times this year. 4 of those times they  went over 400 yards. 4 times they ran for less than 300 yards. In those games they were 1-3. Also they had 2 games under  200 yards rushing. 
The Rams scored 17 of their 39 TD's outside the Red Zone. Their opponents scored 11 of their 28 outside the Red Zone
The Rams were 22-28 inside the Red Zone. All on the ground Their opponents 16-19. 15 on the ground.
On two point conversions. The Rams were 22-33. 18 by ground. The Rams opponents were 8 for 17. 3 of the 8 were thru the air.
On 3rd downs Bath was 41-75. Their Opponents 34-78
The Rams finished with 115 first downs and their opponents finished with 93.
The Rams took the ball away 10 times and had 10 turnovers.
Bath was 4 and 3 vs teams with winning records.
They averaged 26 points vs teams with winning records
The Rams gave up 21 points per game vs teams with a winning record
The Rams were 3 and 1 this year on the Carroll Carpet
They averaged 35.5 points at home. They gave up 18 points per game at home.
The Rams have a big class of impact Seniors.
Connor DiDomineck wraps up his stellar career with 357 carries and 2891 yards and 46 rushing TD's.
He had over 300 yards receiving and 4 TD's
When it is all said ande done. Since 2014. The DiDominator had over 3,000 yards of total Offense and over 50 all purpose TD's and 334 points. He had 60 tackles as well.
Tyler Finch who has also been on the Varisty since 2014 finished his career with 295 carries for 2380 yards and 30 rushing TD's and over 200 points. On Defense which some years he went both wyas and others he did not. He had 133 tackles 7 sacks and 5 fumbel recoveries.
the Steamroller, Stefan Ordway finished his playing career at Bath wth over 1,200 rushing yards and 17 TD's.
Noah Hockaday who played Wide Out for two years and then Quarterback finished with 9 catches for 91 yards and 3 TD's. He ran the ball 31 times for 107 yards and 3 TD's. he was 14-37 for 215 yards and 2 TD's as the QB.
He had 77 tackles and 3 interceptions.
Connor Cupp who has been on the team since 2015 as a sophmore has 74 tackles from his Defensive Tackle position. Along with 3 sacks and 2 fumble recoveries.
He played fullback a little this year and had over 200 yards rushing and 3 TD's.
Buf for the most part he has been a outstanding Guard from the Rams and part of that Hogmollie group.
Since 2015 he has helped block for 1266 plays and 10,246 yards. That is helping to ground grade for almost 6 miles in all. 1,105 in the air. Over 9,100 on the ground and 146 TD's. On the ground 131. 15 in the air, and over a thousand points.
He and his o line comrads did a great job of keeping their QB standing up right fror the last 3 years. 
The other Senior O linemen that helped with all the success on offense was Brody Brotz, Tyler McGlynn, Carl Rumsey and Liam Narby.
Zach Tenny finished with 100 tackles in hiscareer and 9 sacks.
Trevor Boss finished with 51 tackles and 2 interceptions.
Most of this Senior Class has made it to at least the Semi Finals the last 2 or 3 years.. One Sectional and Far West Regional Title in 2015 and 1 League title. For a few players 2 League titles and 4 Semi Final appearances and 2 Sectional Title appearances.
Since 2014 the Rams are 31-9. Since 2015  they have gone 23-7
A great Senior Class with lots to be proud of and many accomplishments.
While the Rams lose the entire Offensive Back field. Kyle Rinker seems a logical replacement as one of the running backs. The Rams lose 3 out of the 5 o linemen. They bring back the Anchor. Center Seth Walden and Tackle Aaron Northrup.
Blake Hess will be a WR/TE coming back.
The D line will need to be rebuilt. So will the secondary with the loss of N. Hockaday, D. Rickard, T. Boss, C. DiDomineck,  Players like Damon Herrick, Keegan Adams, Kaden Adams, Rashawn Sabins and other Freshman, Sophmore, and Juniors will need to work hard in the off season. 


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