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Haverling Softball 04/09/2024

The Haverling softball team won their second league game with a 15-0 victory over the Livonia Bulldogs in 6 innings. Victory came in the form of a walk-off home run from sophomore Gabby Shroyer in the bottom of the 6th with 2 outs. The Rams offensive efforts saw 15 hits from 8 different Rams, including Makayla Smith (2 for 2, double, 2 RBIs), Kaili Witherell (2 for 4, double, RBI), Kasandra Plewa (1 for 2), Caydence Spears (3 for 3, 3 RBIs), Ryleigh Laverty (3 for 4, double, 4 RBIs), Maddie Coots (1 for 3, double, 2 RBIs), Lane Prescott (1 for 3). 


On the mound, Kaili Witherell threw a no-hit shut out with 14 strikeouts. Witherell also notched her 700th career strikeout. 

Haverling Rams Varsity Baseball Results Tuesday 4/9/24

Haverling Rams Varsity Baseball Results 2024

Date: Tuesday 4/9/24

Opponent: Livonia (1 – 4)

Location: Home – Bath VA Field

Result: Win      Livonia 3 @ Haverling 6

Record: 3 – 1           LCAA League:  2 – 0


Game Summary:

It was finally a nice spring day with a game time temp in the low 70s as the Rams picked up their 3rd win of the season. This time it was against LCAA league rival The Livonia Bulldogs. Once again, the Rams played at the Bath VA Field because the main field at the bus garage was still too wet. The Rams sent Eric Carney-Hendrix to the mound, and he worked into and out of trouble all night long. The Bulldogs threatened in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, but Carney-Hendrix used his 10 strike out night to keep them from doing much damage. He only allowed the 1 run to score in the fifth, but it was unearned. Mason Davis was the big hero at the plate for the Rams finally breaking the scoring drought by hitting a two out, full count, line drive to left field pushing across two runs for the rams. After Livonia got one back in the top of the 5th, the Rams again added 2 runs in both the 5th and the 6th. The Rams took a 6 to 1 lead into the top of the 7th, and they once again turned to senior Owen Smith to come in and close things out. As darkness creeped in on the game, Owen struggled a little bit giving up a few seeing eye singles and the Bulldogs did not go quietly into the night. They managed to push across 2 runs in the top of the 7th, but Smith was able to maintain his composure and shut the door giving the Rams their 3rd win of the season and 2nd win the LCAA league. It had been over a week since the Rams saw any game action because of the weather last week. The Rams hit the road tomorrow heading to Babcock Park over in Dansville for another LCAA matchup.


Box Score:                        1            2            3            4            5            6            7              R            H            E

Livonia                              0            0            0            0            1            0            2              3            5            5

Haverling                          0            0            0            2            2            2            x              6            6            2


Haverling Individual Offensive Stats

Gage Thomas                  4 AB      2 R         2 H        1 RBI     1 2B

Evan Pendle                     4 AB      0 R         1 H       

Dante Nealey                   1 AB      1 R         0 H        2 BB

Alex Beyler                       2 AB      0 R         1 H        2 BB

Mason Davis                    2 AB      1 R         1 H        2 RBI     1 HBP

Dylan Wenban                4 AB      1 R         1 H


Haverling Pitching Stats

Eric Carney-Hendrix       Start      Win       1-0         6 IP        26 BF     23 AB    2 H              1 R         0 ER       10 K       0 BB      3 HBP    85 #P

Owen Smith                                                  1-0         1 IP        8 BF       6 AB      3 H              2 R         2 ER       0 K         2 BB      0 HBP    27 #P


Livonia Individual Offensive Stats

S. Eadie               3 AB      1 R         1 H        1 BB

B. O’Keefe          4 AB      1 R         1 H       

T. Stewart           4 AB                     1 H        2 RBI

K. O’Connor       4 AB                     1 H        1 RBI

J. Benitez            2 AB                     1 H


Livonia Pitching Stats

S. Eadie               Start      Loss                     4 + IP     20 BF     17 AB    4 H        4 R              3 ER       5 K         2 BB      1 HBP    77 #P

C. Feehan                                                      1 IP        5 BF       3 AB      0 H        0 R              0 ER       2 K         2 BB                     21 #P

E. Mack                                                          1 IP        7 BF       5 AB      2 H        2 R              0 ER       1 K         2 BB                     29 #P




Rams Radio Report #9

The Rams' Report

On a Soppy bone soaking Saturday Oct 28th at HF-L the 4th seeded Rams feel to the number 1 seeded ERG Bombers 29-20.
the second straight year the Bombers finished the Rams season and in the last 4 years these two teams have ended each other's season. The series is 2 and 2 in those 4 games.
The DiDominator Connor DiDomineck ran the opening kickoff back 90 yards. It was the 3 Kickoff return in the last 4 games for the Rams.
The Bombers went 3 and out on their first drive.
ERG could not get the punt off. The rams had a short field and took advantage with the short field and scored on a Hockaday sneak.
Before you could finish your kickoff snack the Rams were up 14-0. The Rams had the Ball for the last minute of the minute of the 1st quarter and then went on a epic long drive that ate up almost the entire 2nd Quarter. The drive was capped off with a Tyler Finch TD run. With under 2 minutes left in the half the Bombers went down the field and scored with 41 seconds left..
It was 20-14 at the half.
ERG would score two more TD's in the 2nd half to make the final score 29 to 20.
Tyler Finch finished the game with 18 carries for 95 yards and a Td. Connor DiDomineck had 73 yards on 18 carries and a TD. Stefan "The Ordozer" Ordway had 7 carries for 44 yards. Noah Hockaday had 2 carries for 4 yards and a TD.
The Black Shirt Defense was lead by Devon Rickard wth 6 tackles.
Connor Cupp had 5 tackles and Brandon Finch, Trevor Boss and Kyle Rinker had 4 tackles each.
The Rams are now 4 and 3 against ERG since 2003. 3 and 3 in Sectionals and 2 and 2 in Semi Final games.
The Rams finish the season 6 and 3 for the second year in a row.
The last 2 years the only teams to beat Bath is Hornell, Livonia and ERG.
The last 3 years the only teams to beat Bath is Hornell, Livonia,ERG and Chenango Forks.
Coach Carroll finishes his 31st season with a 182-98 record. He is now 9-6 in Sectional Semi Final games.
ERG came up short in the Class C Final against Cal Mum/BB 27-26. The Rams beat Cal Mum/BB in Week 1 at Cal Mum 24 to 20
ERG coach Dennis Greco improves to 148-80. Since 2000 In Semi Final games 5 and 6. In Finals he is 1 and 4. Losing in 2000, 2015,2016, 2017. Winning in 2012.
Coach Carroll will finish this season 2nd on the Active Wins list and 8th all time in Section V.
He is 4 wins behind former Cal Mum Coach Mike Monacelli.
Connor DiDomineck finished the season with 103 carries for 990 and 13 TD's and 4 conversions. Tyler Finch ended the season with 128 carries and 904 yards with 13 TD's and 3 conversions.
Stefan Ordway finished with 373 yards on the ground on 53 carries along with 4 TD's
Noah Hockaday in his first year as a starting Quarterback went 14 for 37 for 215 yards and 2TD's
Connor D had 5 catches for 77 yards and a TD. The Boss man Trevor had 3 catches for 101 yards and a TD.
Brandon Finch lead the team in tackles with 61 along with a sack and 3 fumble recoveries.
Seth Walden finished with 44, Connor Cupp had 43 with 2 sacks and a fumble recovery.
Senior Zack Tenny had 40 tackles and let the team with 4 sacks. Noah Hockaday lead the team with 2 interceptions.
The Rams Defense had 12 sacks on the season. 3 Interceptions and 7 fumble recoveries.
Connor DiDomineck finished with the most points this year with 86 points. He lead the team in TD's last year and was tied for the lead this year with Tyler Finch who had 84 points. Stefan Ordway had 4 TD's and 5 conversions for 34 points. Hockaday had 3 TD's and 6 conversions. Connor Cupp had 3 TD's. 3 Conversions and 3 extra points.
The Rams finished with 39TD's  22 conversions and 281 points. That is an average of 31.2 per game. they gave up 194 points. that is an average of 21.5 per game.
The Rams Offense finished running 410 plays for 3,036 yards. An average of 45.5 plays for 337 yards.
The RAMbling Rams ran the ball 376 times for 2,824 yards. An Average of 41 carries and 31.3 yards.
Bath rushed for over 300 yards 5 times this year. 4 of those times they  went over 400 yards. 4 times they ran for less than 300 yards. In those games they were 1-3. Also they had 2 games under  200 yards rushing. 
The Rams scored 17 of their 39 TD's outside the Red Zone. Their opponents scored 11 of their 28 outside the Red Zone
The Rams were 22-28 inside the Red Zone. All on the ground Their opponents 16-19. 15 on the ground.
On two point conversions. The Rams were 22-33. 18 by ground. The Rams opponents were 8 for 17. 3 of the 8 were thru the air.
On 3rd downs Bath was 41-75. Their Opponents 34-78
The Rams finished with 115 first downs and their opponents finished with 93.
The Rams took the ball away 10 times and had 10 turnovers.
Bath was 4 and 3 vs teams with winning records.
They averaged 26 points vs teams with winning records
The Rams gave up 21 points per game vs teams with a winning record
The Rams were 3 and 1 this year on the Carroll Carpet
They averaged 35.5 points at home. They gave up 18 points per game at home.
The Rams have a big class of impact Seniors.
Connor DiDomineck wraps up his stellar career with 357 carries and 2891 yards and 46 rushing TD's.
He had over 300 yards receiving and 4 TD's
When it is all said ande done. Since 2014. The DiDominator had over 3,000 yards of total Offense and over 50 all purpose TD's and 334 points. He had 60 tackles as well.
Tyler Finch who has also been on the Varisty since 2014 finished his career with 295 carries for 2380 yards and 30 rushing TD's and over 200 points. On Defense which some years he went both wyas and others he did not. He had 133 tackles 7 sacks and 5 fumbel recoveries.
the Steamroller, Stefan Ordway finished his playing career at Bath wth over 1,200 rushing yards and 17 TD's.
Noah Hockaday who played Wide Out for two years and then Quarterback finished with 9 catches for 91 yards and 3 TD's. He ran the ball 31 times for 107 yards and 3 TD's. he was 14-37 for 215 yards and 2 TD's as the QB.
He had 77 tackles and 3 interceptions.
Connor Cupp who has been on the team since 2015 as a sophmore has 74 tackles from his Defensive Tackle position. Along with 3 sacks and 2 fumble recoveries.
He played fullback a little this year and had over 200 yards rushing and 3 TD's.
Buf for the most part he has been a outstanding Guard from the Rams and part of that Hogmollie group.
Since 2015 he has helped block for 1266 plays and 10,246 yards. That is helping to ground grade for almost 6 miles in all. 1,105 in the air. Over 9,100 on the ground and 146 TD's. On the ground 131. 15 in the air, and over a thousand points.
He and his o line comrads did a great job of keeping their QB standing up right fror the last 3 years. 
The other Senior O linemen that helped with all the success on offense was Brody Brotz, Tyler McGlynn, Carl Rumsey and Liam Narby.
Zach Tenny finished with 100 tackles in hiscareer and 9 sacks.
Trevor Boss finished with 51 tackles and 2 interceptions.
Most of this Senior Class has made it to at least the Semi Finals the last 2 or 3 years.. One Sectional and Far West Regional Title in 2015 and 1 League title. For a few players 2 League titles and 4 Semi Final appearances and 2 Sectional Title appearances.
Since 2014 the Rams are 31-9. Since 2015  they have gone 23-7
A great Senior Class with lots to be proud of and many accomplishments.
While the Rams lose the entire Offensive Back field. Kyle Rinker seems a logical replacement as one of the running backs. The Rams lose 3 out of the 5 o linemen. They bring back the Anchor. Center Seth Walden and Tackle Aaron Northrup.
Blake Hess will be a WR/TE coming back.
The D line will need to be rebuilt. So will the secondary with the loss of N. Hockaday, D. Rickard, T. Boss, C. DiDomineck,  Players like Damon Herrick, Keegan Adams, Kaden Adams, Rashawn Sabins and other Freshman, Sophmore, and Juniors will need to work hard in the off season. 

Rams Radio Report #8

The Rams' Report

Week 9

It was a SUPER Saturday for the Bath Rams last week. They beat Marcus Whitman 36-14 in the Quarterfinals of the Class C playoffs.
The stats going into the game prevailed.
Coach Carroll going into the game was 16-4 in his last 20 Saturday games.
25-12 vs FLAA teams all time, and 19 and 6 in his last 25.
The Rams going into the match up with the Wildcats were 3 and 1 dating back to 1997.
In those 4 games against Marcus Whitman. The Rams averaged 32 points. The Rams on Saturday scored 36. They averaged giving up 11.5 points per game. They gave up 14 and their average win was by 29.6 and on Saturday they won by 22.
Bath Ran 37 times for 413 yards and 4 rushing TD's. That is a average of 11.1 per carry.
The Ramblin Rams had 3 running backs over 100 yards.
Brandon Finch took his first hand off of the year and ran 50 plus yards for a TD.
He finished the day with 8 carries and a 122 yards and 2TD's
Connor D.  The DiDominator had 10 carries for 135 yards and a TD.
He also ran the 2nd half kickoff back 85 yards for a TD
Tyler Finch ran the ball 9 times for 103 yards and a TD.
Noah Hockaday went 1 for 1 in the air for a 2 point conversion.
The Black Shirt Defense did not give up a score in the 2nd half.
They have held their opponents to 14 or less in 3 out of their last 4 games.
Connor Cupp lead the team with 7 tackles and a sack. Zack Tenny had 6 tackles and 3 sacks. Brandon Finch and Kyle Rinker both had 5 tackles.
The Rams had 4 sacks in the game.
The Rams have now scored 261 points on the season. That is 12th highest in Section V.  That is a average of 32.6
The Black shirts have given up 165. That is the 28th lowest n Section V. An average of 20.6
Coach Carroll got his 182 win. Putting him in a tie on the NYS all time wins list for 78th with former Herkimer Coach Elmer Morgan and Section 4 great Dick Hoover who coached at Vestal and is the Father of Jim Hoover former Walton Coach who is 4th on the all time wins list.
The next person on the the Section V and NYS all time wins list is former Cal Mum Coach Mike Monacelli at 186 wins.
The Carroll Crazies would love to see Wayne surpass Monacelli this year.
That would mean Bath won the NYS Class C title.
Connor DiDomineck has 917 rushing yards. 12 total TD's and 3 conversions
Tyler Fnch has 803 rushing yards and 12 total TD's and 3 conversions.
A great back and forth battle between these two Senior Running Backs for yards and TD's.
The last time the Rams had 2 Running Backs who went over a 1,000 yards was in 2008 when Andre McCloud went over 1400 and Cody Hutcheson went over 1300.
That Rams team won the Sectional Title and made it to the State Semi's.
Connor is around 200 yards shy of going over 3000 yards in his great career.
He has 50 all purpose TD's after Saturday's game.
Zack Tenny is 1 tackle shy of the 100 club.
The Rams are in their 4th straight Final 4. 5th out of the last 6th
The 4th seeded Bath Rams who are 6-2 take on the number 1 seed East Rochester/Gananda Bombers who are 7-1.
The Bombers are in their 6th straight Final 4. 7th out of the last 8
These two have meet the last 3 years running.
2014 in the Semi's at Webster Thomas. Bath won 51-19
2015 in the Title game at Sahlen Stadium. Bath won 40-30
Last year the top seeded Bombers beat the 4th seeded Rams in the Semi's at Cal Mum 14-8.
That day the Rams ran 44 times for 179 yards and a TD. 
Stefan "The Ordozer" Ordway had 23 carries for 113 yards in the game.
In the air the Rams were 9 for 16 for negative 10 yards.
Cam Cleveland for the Bombers Ran the ball 39 times for 171 yards and 2TD's.
The Rams had 4 starters leave the game with game ending injuries.
Yet the Rams had the ball at the end of the game with a chance to tie.
Last year ERG going into the game had scored 293 points. This year they have scored 292. So they were averaging 36 points per game and the Rams held them to 14. The lowest they had scored going into that game was 22. They scored 34 games in the Title game that they lost. So that was the lowest output all year long.
Coming into the game ERG has the 6th highest scoring team in Section V, and the 6th stingiest team in Section V.
Their Defense has gotten better each year since 2014.
In 2014. ERG gave up 226 in 9 games. 25 per game.
In 2015 they gave up 155 in 10 games 15.5 per game.
In 2016 they gave up 141 in 10 games. 14.1 per game
into this game they have given up 76. 9.5 per game.
ERG does not have all state Back Cam Cleveland this year. He had over 4000 yards and 56 TD's the last two years.
ERG is lead by their 4 year starting QB Patrick Shanley. He is 29-8 in his career.
In their last game he was 9 for 11 for 162 and 2TD's.
while the Bombers don't throw the ball like they once did. Shanley can make the passes when needed. If a defense stacks the box to stop the run. He can make them pay
Why teams stack the box is because of the 5'7 155 pound Running Back Jayden Castrechini
In the Bombers win over Mynderse he had 164 yards and 3 TDs.
In the first game of the year vs Newark he had 5TD's in the 1st half. 4 on the ground 1 in the air. He had 226 yards rushing against Midlakes.
In ERG's final game of the year Castrechini had 2 picks and 322 yards of total Offense in their win over Penn Yan. In another game he ran the ball 36 times for 125.
On the flip side. shanley has thrown the ball over 20 times. in a game. So they are not afraid to pound the rock or go to the air.
The Rams lead the all time series 4-2
1 and 0 in the regular season
3 and 2 in Sectionals
0 and 1 in the first round
2 and 1 in the Semi's
1 and 0 in the Finals
2003 The Rams beat ERG at Fauver Stadium 38 to 18.
In 2006 The 2nd Seeded Rams were were 6 and 1 lost to the 7th seeded Bombers who lived up to their name and threw the ball for a record amount of yards and won 41 to 15 in a huge upset.
In 2008 it was the night the lights went out in Bath. With the Rams trailing 21-14 but driving deep into ERG territory in the late part of the 4th quarter the lights went out and were not able to be restored that night.
They never finished that game and Bath won by forfeit.
2014 the Rams beat ERG in the Semi's at Webster Thomas 51-19. ERG jumped out to a 13 to nothing lead in that game. When it was all said and done players from both sides had been ejected.
In 2015 the Rams took a 32 to 8 lead into the 4th quarter of the Class C title game.
ERG made a furious comeback that came up short 40-30.
Then you had last year's hard hitting affair where the Rams came up short 14-8.
There is no love lose between these two teams.
Connor DiDomineck over the last 3 games has 25 carries for 153 yards and a TD.
Tyler Finch has 9 carries for 57 yards and a TD
The Rams average 33 points in the last 3 games while ERG averages 21.
Two great Coaches go at it on Saturday. ERG's Coach Dennis Greco has been an assitant at St. John Fisher and has coached in the Arena League. He is in his 25th and final season at ERG.
ERG has made it to 8 Finals since 1978 while Bath has made it to 8 as well.
ERG has won 4 titles. Bath has won 6.
Coach Carroll is 182-97.  Greco is 147-78-1  In the 1st round of sectionals Coach Carroll in his career is 13-8. Since 2000. Greco is 10-2. In Semi's Carroll is 9-5. Greco is 4-6. In title games. Carroll is 7-2. Greco is 1-3. The one win came in 2012 over Livonia 48-34. They have lost in the title game under Greco in 2000 as just ER against Cal Mum 8 to 6. In 2015 against Bath 40-30, and last year against Bishop Kearney 36-34. They also fell to Hornell 24 to 14 in 1987.
Wayne Carroll is 2nd on the Active wins list and 8th all time in Section V. Dennis Greco is 4th on the active wins list and 14th on the all time wins list.
He is 1 win behind former great coach at Livonia Steve Girolmo.
329 wins combined between the 2 coaches.
The Rams will hope their tough schedule will help them on Saturday.
We talked about Coach Carroll's dominance over FLAA teams.
ERG under Coach Greco is 15-10 against LCAA teams.
Against Hornell/Bath/Livonia/Cal Mum/LeRoy. The cream of the crop.
They are 5 and 7.  In Sectional play ERG is 5 and 7 vs LCAA teams.
Going into the game.
Bath's opponents combined record is 37 and 27. ERG's is 26-38.
Bath will play the 6th highest scoring Offense on Saturday. They have already faced the 1st and 2nd highest in Livonia and Hornell. along with the 16th Whitman team, the 19th Cuba Rushford team and the 20th Cal-Mum/BB team.
The Rams are 12th.
So out of the top 10 scoring teams the Rams will have faced 3 and out of the top 19 they will have faced 6 teams.
On Defense the Rams have played the 3rd and 4th best team in Livonia and Hornell. Also Cal Mum/BB at 10 and Letchworth Warsaw at 14. So Again the Rams will have faced on Saturday 4 top 10 Defense's and 5 out of the top 14.
ERG played three good teams
Geneva who they beat 21-18. Penn Yan who they beat 34 to 14 and Wayne who they lost to 11-6.
None of those teams advanced to the Semi's
Mean while Hornell/Livonia/Cal-Mum-Bb have all moved on to the Semi's
When all said and done. It will come down to who makes the least mistakes, who worked harder in the off season, who wants to keep playing and not hand in their equipment, and what coaching staff will come up with the best game plan and make adjustments from the last three meetings. 
One last side note. The Rams played at HFL last in 2015 in the Semi's. They beat LeRoy 44-0. That same day on that same field. ERG beat Lyons/Sodus 41 to 8.
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Rams Radio Report #7

The Rams' Report

Week 8

Friday Night the Rams traveled to the Doghouse and fell to the Livonia Bulldogs 36 to 0. 
It is the second straight loss to the Bulldogs. Last year it was 42-6. Livonia has outscored Bath the last two years 78-6.
The Rams are now 11 and 10 all time under Coach Carroll against Livonia and 5 and 6 at the Doghouse. This is the 5th time Livonia has shut out the Rams.
Bath has shut out Livonia 6 times.
So 11 out of the 21 games. Somebody has been held scoreless.
The Rams have scored 362 points in the 21 games. An average of 17.2. While Livonia has scored 360. An average of 17.1
At Livonia Bath has scored 172 points. an average of 15.6. While the Bulldogs have scored 213. An average of 19.3.
Yet the average margin of victory in all of those games is 21.2
Livonia improves to 6 and 1. The Rams held Livonia to their second lowest scoring output of the year. Hornell held Livonia to 35.
6 of the 36 points came on a fumble recovery and return for a TD.
So the Livonia Offense only scored 4 TD's in the game. 
Pretty good for the Black Shirt Defense which was facing the highest scoring team in Section V. Averaging just over 47 points per game.
Livonia also has the 3rd stingiest team n Section V with their 49 points allowed. They have 4 shut outs. That is the most in Section V.
The Bulldogs are the 2 seed in Class B. It was a big win for the Bulldogs. They are now on the opposite side of the brackets from Batavia and Hornell.
Both teams have gotten the better of the Bulldogs in past sectional play.
Livonia is looking to go to their 6 title game in the last 9 years. 5 in the last 7 and 3 out of the last 4.
John Gammon is now 29 and 7 at Livonia in his 4 years.
The Rams ran the ball 40 times for 155 yards.
Tyler Fnch lead the team with 17 carries and 72 yards. C. DiDomineck had 9 carries for 36 yards and Noah Hockaday had 6 carries for 21 yards.
Hockaday completed one pass for 7 yards.
On Defesne the Black Shirts were lead by Trevor Boss with 6 tackles and a fumble recovery.
B. Finch, D. Rickard and S. Walden all had 5 tackles.
Brody Brotz had 4 tackles and a Sack
The Rams D had a interpecption and a fumble recovery.
The Rams were held to their lowest rushing and total offensive output of the year.
The Rams have not been shut out since Week 5 of the 2013 season. That is 41 games ago
The only two losses come to Livonia and Hornell this year. The number 1 and 2 highest scoring teams and the 3rd and 5th stingiest D's in Section V.
Bath is now 5 and 2 and the 4th seed in Sectionals.
The Rams will host the 5th seeded Marcus Whitman  Wildcats who are also 5 and 2.
Whitman is out of the Finger Lakes West. They came in 3rd. Behind Clyde Savannah and Red Jacket. The only two losses they had this year. 
Coach Carroll at Bath is 3 and 1 against Whitman.
The last time these two played was in the CF Bowl Title game in 2013. The Rams traveled to Rushville. After a slow start. The Rams pulled away with a 51-13 victory. In that game the Rams ran the ball 54 times for 370 yards and 6TD's. The Defense had 1 interception and 3 fumble recoveries.
The last time Whitman came to Bath was on a Saturday Week 1 of the 2000 season. Bath won that game. 23 to 12
The only loss Coach Carroll has against Whitman is from 1997 in the Sectional Semi Finals. When the Wildcasts won 20-14.
In the 4 games the Rams have scored 129 points. An average of 32.25 points. Whitman has scored 46 points. An average of 11.5 points.
The Rams average margin of victory in this series is 29.6 points per game.
The Rams have scored 225 points this year. An average of 32.14 points per game. That is good for 13th highest in Section V.
Whitman has scored 226. That is an average of 32.28. They are 12th in Section V.
On the Defensive side of the ball. The Rams have given up 151 points. An average of 21.57. Which makes them 33rd in Points Against. Whitman has given up 140 points. An average of 20 per game. They are 30th in Section V.
DiDomineck has over 2600 rushing yards, Finch has over 2100 rushing yards in his career. Ordway has over 1100 rushing yards in his career.
So the backfield has run for over 6000 yards combined and 87 rushing TD's.
If you include QB Hockaday and all purpose TD's
The backfield has 97 TD's and 678 points.
The O line has blocked for 294 running plays for 2195 yards this year and 28 rushing TD's.
That is an average of 313 yards and game and 4 rushing TD's and a per carry average of 7.46.
Coach Carroll is 12 and 8 in the 1st round of sectionals. He is also 25 and 12 vs FLAA teams. He is 9 and 1 in the regular season. The only loss coming in his first year. Week 2 of the 1992 season when the Rams lost to Dundee.
He is 4 and 3 in Pool Play against FLAA teams and 12-8 vs FLAA teams in sectionals. 
In the last 25 games against FLAA teams. The Rams are 19-6. The only losses coming to ERG twice, Geneva twice and then Midlakes in Pool Play in 2005 and Wayne in Pool Play in 1999.
The Rams have been dominant on Saturday's. In their last 20 games played on Saturday. Home or away. 16-4.
With a win on Saturday over Whitman. The Rams would advance to their 4th straight Semi Final game and 5 out of the last 6.
That has only happened once before under Coach Carroll going to 4 straight Semi's. From '93 to "96.
You can hear the game on Saturday starting at 12:15PM with the Countdown To Kickoff show with the Coaches Corner. On the radio at 1380 WABH. 100.3FM. Online at 1380wabh.com, and with our FREE tunein app. Just download the app and look up "Hometown Bath".

Rams Radio Report #6

The Rams' Report

Week 7

Last Saturday it was Senior/Parents Day at Bath Haverling and the Seniors had a super day.
The Rams beat the Wellsville Lions 48-13.
The Rams improved to 5 and 1. Wellsville dropped to 1 and 5
They Ran the ball 42 times for 409 yards and 6 rushing TD's.
The Rams imposed their will moving the ball at wil thru out the game.
The Rams only threw the bal once and once again did not have to punt.
Senior #33 Tyler Finch had a superb day.
He carried the ball 16 times for 137 yards and 3TD.
He also had a 83 yards Kickoff return with no time life on the clock at the end of the game.
Which possibly could have been his last play on his home field.
The Rams needed a win and for Red Jacket to beat Marcus Whitman later that day.
Tyler helped the Rams do their part and get the W.
Red Jacket later that day beat Marcus Whitman 30-18.
So that guaranteed the Rams a home sectional game.
Connor DiDomineck had 12 carries for 102 yards and a TD.
Connor Cupp had 5 carries for 82 yards and a TD
Stefan Ordozer had 5 carries for 80 yards and a TD.
It's a good day when your Fullbacks combine for 10 carries for 162 yards and 2TD's.
Once again the O line of B. Brotz,C. Rumsey,S. Walden, L.Narby, and A. Northrup along with TE's T. Boss, C. Knowles and D. Rickard opened up huge gashing holes.
The Defense for the second straight week only gave up one score late in the game when the outcome was already determined.
The other score came on a fumble on a Punt Return by the Rams that gave the Lions their first score of the game.
The black Shirt Defense was lead by Brandon Finch. He had 14 tackles and 3 fumble recoveries.
Seth Walden had 11 tackles and Connor Cupp had 10 and 1 sack.
Senior's Zack Tenny, Trevor Boss and Tyler McGlynn each had 5.
As for leaders thru week 6.
C. DiDomineck still leads the team in rushhing yards with 746. He has 10 all purpose TD's on the season.
T. Finch has 634 rushing yards and 11 overall TD's
Stefan Ordway has 302 yards rushing and 4TD's
Connor Cupp has 203 yards and 3TD's
B. Finch leads the team in tackles with 47. Followed by his Linebacking partner Seth Walden with 33 and then DE Zack Tenny with 31 and DT Connur Cupp with 30.
As far as Career Stats.
C. DiDomineck surpassed 2500 rushing yards. He is around 350 yards shy of 3,000.
He has 47 all purpose TD's and over 300 points.
Last Saturday T. Fnch went over 2100 yards rushing in his career.
He has 28 total TD's. Only 4 points away from 200 points in his career.
Stefan Ordway has over 1100 yards in his career and 17 TD's. Just 3 shy of 20 and he has 110 points.
Zack Tenny is just 9 tackles short of 100 in his career.
Connor Cupp has 61 career tackles.
Coach Carroll got his 181st victory. Tying him for 78th all time in NYS with Ernie Craumer who coached at Corning Free and retired in 1953.
With his next win. coach Carroll will tie Former Vestal Coach Dick Hoover who retired in 1976, and Elmer Morgan former Herkimer caoch who retired in 1955.
Up next in Section V is Hall of Famer and former Cal Mum Coach Mike Monacelli who has 186 wins.
The Rams head to the Dog house on Friday night to take on the 5 and 1 Livonia Bulldogs.
Since 1992 The Rams lead the series 11 to 9.  They have won the last 2 out of 3. The last 3 out of 5 and the last 6 out of ten.
2 years ago. the Rams traveled to the Dog house and beat Livonia for the League title 37-6.
Last year Livonia came to town with revenge on their mind. The Bulldogs beat Bath 42-6.
In the last 10 games only 3 games have been one score games.
One more was a 2 score game.
The Rams are 1-2  since 1998 in one score games against Livonia
2-3 since 1998 in two score games against Livonia and 3 score games the Rams are 6 and 4.
The Rams have shut out Livonia 6 times. The Livonia has shut out Bath 4 times. 
So 10 of the 20 games have been decided by 3TDS's or more and 10 out of the 20 games somebody has been shut out.
The Rams are 5 and 5 at the Dog house.
Overall in the 20 games.
the Rams average 18.1 points.  Livonia averages 16.2
In the 10 games at the Dog house the Rams have scored 172 points and Livonia has scored 177.
Yet those 10 games have been decided by a combined 198 points. That is an average margin of victory of 19.8 per game at the Dog house.
The Bath Rams are 1-2 against Livonia in Week 7 games. The last time they played in Week 7 was 2004.
Friday Night Defense beware.
Livonia is the highest scoring offense in Section V with 284 points. That is good for an average of 47.3 points per game. The Rams are 6th in Scoring with 225. That is 37 points per game. So the two teams have scored over 500 points combined already this year.
Livonia is 3rd in fewest points allowed with 49. Hornell scored 35 of those. Bath is 28th with 115.
Both Livonia and Bath lost to Hornell 35-14.
Livonia gave up 150 yards on the ground to Hornell.  The Rams gave up 174.
However, Hornell burned both thru the air.  138 yards and 4TD's against Livonia and 195 and 3TD's against Bath.
In Common Opponents which includes Hornell/Wellsville/Dansville.
Livonia has scored 118 points. Bath has scored 111. Livonia has given up 35 and Bath has given up 76.
Livonia scored 400 points last year.
So this could be a high scoring game. Livonia is very fast and has a really good passing attack. Two things Coach Carroll says are weak links in his football team at this point. Speed and pass defense.
The Rams will need to get pressure on the Bulldogs QB. Bath has 7 sacks on the season, 5 Fumble recoveries and 2 Interceptions.
The Black Shirts need to do all 3 of those. Sack the QB. Force fumbles and get a pick or two on Defense.
Livonia gave up 150 yards on the ground to Hornell.  The Rams gave up 174.
However, Hornell burned both thru the air.  138 yards and 4TD's against Livonia and 195 and 3TD's against Bath.
These two programs have 10 sectional titles combined. 6 for Bath and 4 for Livonia.
Their last Title came in 1993.
The Bulldogs have been so close since 2009.
The Bulldogs have made it to the Section V Title game 5 out of the last 8 years. 4 out of the last 6, and 2 out of the last 3.
Lossing to Batavia in the title game in 2014,2015 and losing to Batavia in the Semi's last year.
John Gammon is in his 5th year at Livonia and has a record of 28-7
Coach Carroll is 2 and 1 against Gammon.
Will this be a close game like in 2013 when Bath lost at Livonia 20 to 14 or in 2012 when Bath beat Livonia 15 to 14  
Or another blow out like the last two years.
Tune into the Rams Radio Network on Friday night as the 5-14 Rams take on the 5-1 Livonia Bulldogs. 2nd place in D1 on the line and both teams playing for playoff position.
the Countdown to Kickoff show with the Coaches Corner starts at 6:40PM. On AM1380WABH, 100.3FM. Streaming online at 1380wabh.com and with our FREE tunein app. Just download the app to any mobile device and look up "Hometown Bath"

Rams Radio Report #5

Rams Report

Week 6

Going into last Friday Night's game. The last time the Rebel's from
Cuba Rushford beat the Rams was in 1991. By a score of 42 to 7.
That year the Rebel's won a Sectional Title.
The Rams went 2-5-1 that year.
Then Coach Carroll came to town.
That is still the last time the Rams lost to the Rebel's.
As the Rams beat Cuba Rushford in front of a big homecoming crowd in
Cuba 46 to 7.

46 points is the most points under Coach Carroll the Rams have scored
against CR. The Rams under Coach Carroll are still yet to give up more
than 12 points in a game to CR.
The Rams are now 9-0 against CR and 5-0 at Cuba.
Under the leadership of Coach Carroll.

The DiDominator, Connor DiDomineck had a great night. 7 carries for
175 yards  and 3TD's. That is a average of 25 yards per carry.

On the season Connor has over 600 yards on the ground and 9TD's
leading the team in both categories.

Connor now has over 2500 yards rushing, 40 rushing TD's, and over 300
points in his career.

Connor Cupp ran the ball 4 times for 69 yards. An average of 17.25 per carry.
Cupp had a rushing TD. Two conversion runs and two extra point kicks.

Stefan the Steamroller had 5 carries for 42 yards with a conversion run.
Stefan the Steamroller Ordway hit 100 points in his career with his
two point conversion.
Tyler Finch had 5 carries 35 yards and 2 TD's.

The Rams ran the ball 31 times for 339 yards and 6TD's.
For the second time this year the Rams did not have to attempt a pass
and for the 3rd time this year did not have to punt.

The Defense played it's best game off the year.
Lead by our DJ's Flamingo Player Of The Game Linebacker Brandon Finch.
He had 11 tackles and a sack. Brandon leads the Black shirt Defense
with 33 tackles.

Zach Tenny and Seth Walden had 5. Tyler McGlynn and Connor DiDomineck
had 4 each.
Cupp, Kaden Adams, Hockaday, Hess, Herrick, Boss, Sabbins, and Rickard
all had 3 tackles each. Rickard also had a interception.

The Rams have ran 227 plays this year for 1816 yards and 24TD. 22 on
the ground and 2 in the air

That is an average of 45.4 plays per game and 363.2 yards per game.
4.8TD's per game.

The Running Rams have totted the ball 211 times for 1630 yards and 22TD's
For an average of 42.2 carries and 326 yards per carry and 4.4TD's per game.
That is a average of 7.7 yards per carry.

So the Hogmollies up front have opened some great holes
B. Brotz,C. Rumsey, S. Walden, C. Cupp, A. Northrup along with Tight
Ends T. Boss, D. Rickard, B. Hess, and C. Knowles.

The Rams are who are 4 and 1. Third in the LCAA D1 and going into this
weekend's action the 4th seed in Class C will host the 1 and 4
Wellsville Lions in their last Regular Sseason home game.

The Rams are the 6th highest scoring team in Section V with their 177
points. An average of 35.4 per game. While The Lions are 65th in
Scoring with 42. An average of 8.4 per game.
The Rams are 30th in Points Against with the 102 points they have
surrenders. That is 20.4 per game.
The Lions are 58th with 147 points. A average of 29.4 per game.

Last year the rams beat Wellsville Week 7 in Bath 49 to 7.
The Lions finished 1 and 7 last year.

The Rams have won the last 3 games by a score of 157-19.

The Rams hold the series lead since 1992 12 to 4.
The Rams are 7 and 1 at home against Wellsville.

The last time the Rams lost to Wellsville was 27-0 at Wellsville in
week 5 of the 2013 season.

The Rams have shut out the Lions 6 times.
The Rams have been shut out once.

The Rams average 28.6 points per contest against the Lions.
While Wellsville averages 10.8 per contest against the Rams.

A win will ensure a Sectional birth but a home game will be still up in the air.

Tune in for the Countdown To Kickoff show with the Coaches Corner at
12:45PM on Saturday. On AM1380 WABH, 100.3. Streaming online at
1380wabh.com, and with our FREE Mobile app. Just download the Tunein
app and look up "Hometown Bath"

Rams Radio Report #4

Rams' Report

Week 5

Last Saturday it was hot and it was homecoming for the Bath Rams.
It was a match up of two teams who were 3 and 0. both Ranked 5th in NYS in their respective classes.
Hornell won this year's I-86 Showdown 35-14. They have now won 2 in a row and lead the all time series 22-7. The Red Raiders are 8 and 3 at Bath.  
Coach Carroll is now 3 and 3 against Coach Erik Werner.
The Rams who averaged 377 yards on the grond per game. Had tough sledding against the Hornell Defense who had only given up 26 points on the season.
The Rams ran the ball 33 times for 159 yards. That is still over 4 yards per carry.
Tyler Finch lead the team in rushing with 14 carries for 78 yards and a Touchdown.
Connor DiDomineck had 11 carries for 51 yards and one catch for 23 yards.
Noah Hockaday was 2 for 4 thru the air for 58 yards.
The Defense was lead once again by Brandon Finch with 8 tackles. Damon Herric had 7, Zack Tenny had 6, Connor Cupp and Seth Walden each had 5. Kaden Adams had 5. Hockaday, Tyler Finch, Rickard and Rinker each had 3.
Our DJ's Flamingo Player of the game was Senior #15 Trevor Boss.
T. Boss had 4 carries for 21 yards. He had one reception for 35 yards and 2 Tackles.  He was also crowned King at halftme for homecoming.
Trevor gets a dozen wings from DJ's Flamingo. Locatede on the Bath Kanona Road
On the season Trevor has 3 catches for 101 yards and a TD.
With the loss the Rams fall to 3 and 1 on the season and now in 5th place in the Class C sectional Standings.
Behind, ERG, Penn Yan, Marcus Whitman, and now LeRoy.
All 4 teams are undefeated going into this weekends games.
This week the Rams travel to a long ago foe from the Expressway Conference, the Cuba Rushford Rebels who are 3 and 1 out of the LCAA Division III. The Rebel's are lead by 4th year Coach Chris Fee. He is 19 and 10 in his career at CR.
Under the Leadership of Coach Carroll the Bath Rams have never lost to the Cuba Rushford Rebel's. The Rams are 8 and 0 under Coach Carroll.
4 and 0 at Home and 4 and 0 on the Road.
The last time these two teams met it was in 2006
The Rams traveled to CR and won 34 to 7.
The black Shirt Defense has never given up more than 12 points to the Rebels in a single game.
The Rams have outscored CR 226 to 44 in the 8 games.
That is a average of 28.25 to 5.5.
Cuba Rushford is coming off a tough 34-30 loss at Canisteo-Greenwood.
While the Rams have scored 131 points on the season. The rebels have scored 130. The Rams D has given up 95 points on the season. The Rebel's D has given up 56. 
So each team is scoring just over 32 points. While Cuba is holding their Opponent to 14 points per game while on the other saide the rams are giving up 23.2 points per game.
The Rebel's are winning by an average margin of 24.5 points while the Rams are winning by an average margin of 19 points.
The Rebel's are 1 and 0 this year at home.
Last year the Rebel's finished 5 and 3 and lost in the first round of sectionals to Red Jacket 50 to 36.
Last year the Rebel's scored 295 points while giving up 199.
It looks like the rebel's offense is just as good as last year and the Defense has improved in the off season.
The Rebel's are in search of their 1st sectional title since 1991.
Milestones to listen for going forward
Coach Carroll is gong for win 180
Tyler Finch is 59 yards away from 2000 yards rushing in his career.
Connor DiDomineck is less than 200 yards away from 2500 rushing yards in his career. With 12 more points. Connor will hit 300 points in his career.
Stefan the Steamroller Ordway is 2 points shy of 100 points in his career.
Zack Tenny is 21 tackles away from the 100 club.
Tune in for the Countdown To Kickoff show with the Coaches Corner Show at 6:45PM. On the air at AM1380 , 100.3FM, streaming online at wvinbath.com and with our FREE Tunein app. Just download the app and look up "WVIN"

Ram Report 2017 #3

The Ram's Report

Week 4

It was a party last Friday night with the unveiling of the Carroll Carpet, the New Turft and Scoreboard at Bath Haverling School. The Rams wanted to make it a surprise party. 
On their 1st offensive play of the night the Rams threw a deep ball against LetchworthWarsaw after not throwing at all the previous week.
The pass was picked off but ended up being the same as a long punt.
At the end of the first half the Rams were in a hurry up offense and threw a pick in the end zone.
Other than those two plays.  It was a flawless first half. The Rams had 4 scoring drives in the 1st half book ended by those interceptions and lead 30 to 0 at half.
The Rams won 44 to 12 to improve to 3 and 0 for the 3rd time in the last 4 years.
The Rams ran the ball 53 times for 460 yards and 6 TD's
Tyler Finch had a great night 15 carries for 146 yards and 2TD's
Connor DiDomineck had 17 carries for 173 yards and 2TD's 
Stefan "Steamroller" Ordway had 10 carries for 71 yards and a TD.

The DJ's Flamingo Player Of The Game was #70 Connor "Cupcake" Cupp.
Connor is one of the Hog Mollies on the Offensive Line. 
Because it is hard to split up a dozen wings among the Offensive Line and blocking Tight Ends.  We normally reward the O Line and Tight Ends at the end of the year with a Pizza party with the pizza provided by your home town Pizza Hut in Bath.
However, Connor was Mr. Versatile. Hence the nickname Cupcake. Just like a cupcake gives you a little taste of everythintg. The cupcake, the frosting, the sprinkes on top.
Connor played Offenvsive Guard in the 1st half helping to block for 4 rushing TDj's and a 30 to 0 lead at half.
Connor moved to the backfield in the 2nd half and ran the ball 6 times for 58 yards and a TD run and a 2 point conversion run.
Oh he also was second on the team in tackles with 5 from his Defensive Tackles spot.  He also attempted an extra point.
Zach Tenny lead the team in tackles with 6.
On the Season
C. DiDomineck has 418 rushing yards and 6TD's
T. Finch has 384 yards and 4 TD's
S. Ordway has 175 yards and 3 TD's
The backfield in their career is now in the 5K Club.
Combined DiDomineck,Ordway,Finch, and Hockaday are over 5,000 rushing yards
They have a combined 84TD's and 46 two point conversions.
They have 594 points between the 4 of them.
Linebacker B. Finch leads the team with 14 tackles and a sack
Followed by Z. Tenny with 13 tackles and a sack
Seth Walden and C. Cupp each have 12.
Senior Safety Noah Hockaday has 9 tackles a interception and a forced fumble and fumble recovery from last week against Letchworth/Warsaw.
The rams improve to 5 and 0 all time against Letchworth/Warsaw. 
3 and 0 at home.
They have outscored Letchworth/Warsaw
Bath. 176 to 52. That is a average score of 38.66 to 10.6
The Rams are off to a great start on the Carroll Carpet
Now 1 and 0.
The Rams opened their old field in 2002 during week 2 when they hosted Hornell on a beautiful Saturdayand the Rams won 45-14.
Coach Carroll other wise known as the grass master and his program finished 46-21 on the old field. Winning 9 of their last 10 and 21 of their last 30 on the grass at home.
Coach Carroll gets his 180th career win. Only 7 other coaches in the history of Section V Football have gotten to that number. Coach is number 8.
The Rams are 3 and 0 and 1 and 0 in the LCAA D1.
The rams have scored 117 points this year and given up 60. They are tied for 6th with Canisteo Greenwood for the highest scoring team in Section V. They are 31st in Section V when it comes to giving up points.
Saturday is the Route 17 Rivalry. 
The 3 and 0 Red Raiders come to town.
They beat Attica at Attica Week 1 34-6.
They beat Livonia in Hornell 35-14 and last week beat Wellsville 40-6.
Hornell has scored 109 points while giving up 26.  Putting them 10th in regrards to scoring in Section V and 9th when it comes to points against in Section V.
Last year the Rams travled to Hornell. Which has been a house of horror's for the Rams thru the years. Going into the game they were 1 and 12 at MCP.
The Rams had a 20 to 15 lead with the ball with 10 minutes to go in the game.
The Rams turned the ball over with 8 minutes to go. Hornell got the ball on their own 20 and went 80 yards in 21 plays converting 4 big 3rd down conversions and scored with 8 seconds left.
The Rams fell 22 to 20.
Going back to 1984.
Hornell leads the all time series 21-7.
Coach Carroll is 7-19 against HHS
He is 1-13 at MCP
3 and 7 at Home
3 and 2 in Sectionals
2 and 0 in Sectional Title games
0 and 1 in pool play
3 and 0 at a neutral site
Coach Carroll is 3 and 2 vs Coach Werner
Bath is trying to win 4 out of the last 5 over Hornell. That would be the most wins in a 5 game span in the series history for Bath.
The last time Hornell came to Bath it was in 2015 and Bath won 58 to 20. That was the most points Bath had ever scored against Hornell or any other opponent in program history.
Since 2013 the Rams have outscored Hornell
Thru the years the I 86 showdown turns out to be a blow out one way or the other.
There has been only 8 out of the 28 games decided by 14 points or less.
The Rams are 1 and 7 in those games and only 6 games decided by 7 points or less The Rams are 1 and 5 in those games.
Bath has scored 16 TD's. 14 on the ground. 2 in the air
10 inside the Village Pharmacy Red Zone. All on the ground and 6 outside the Red Zone. 4 on the ground 2 in the air.
Hornell has scored 16TD's  8 on the ground, 7 in the air and one on defense. 7 inside the Red Zone.  4 on the ground and 3 in the air. 9 outside the Red Zone. 4 in the air and 3 on the ground and a Interception returned for a TD.
To say the least the Red Raiders are very balanced running and throwing and scoring in and out of the red zone.
If Bath wants a piece if not the straight out LCAA D1 title this year they have to win on Saturday. Hornell has already beat Livonia. So they are in the driver seat and if Hornell wins against Bath would lock up the title. Because even if Dville were to some how upset Hornell and Bath beats Livonia and runs the table. Hornell would win on the head to head. 
The Rams going into this weekend sit in the 4th spot in Class C sectionals. The top 4 get a home game and with only 3 regular season home games this year it would be nice to get a first round sectional game on the Carroll Carpet.
With the Finger Lakes teams in Class C playing more B schools than Bath who only plays 2 Class B schools in Hornell and Livonia. Those 6 points for a win are very important.  It just so happens to be the two most difficult games on the Rams schedule this year.
Tune in for the I 86 showdown on Homecoming this Saturday. The Countdown to Kickoff show with the Coaches Corner gets going around 12:40PM on the Rams Radio Network. We will be joined by Sports Editor of the Evening Tribune Sean Curren at halftime to get his thoughts on the game and the new field and scoreboard at Bath.
You can catch the broadcast on AM1380 WABH, 100.3FM. Online at 1380wabh.com and with our FREE tunein app. Just download the app for any mobile device and look up "Hometown Bath"'
GOOOOOO Rams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rams Radio Report 2017 #2

The Rams' Report

Week 3

The Bath Rams found themselves down early for the second straight week. The 1 and 0 Rams traveled to Dansville to take on the 0 and 1 Mustangs.
The Rams won the coin toss and elected to kickoff.
The Rams found themselves trailing before they ever got the ball on Offense.
However, the Rams would score on their first possession and then on the next 6 possession in a row.
The Rams ran away with a 49-28 win.
No literally ran away with the win.
The Bath Rams did not throw the football the entire game until the end. When they threw it up in the air in celebration.
The Hogmollies up front did a great job for the Bath Rams. Seth Walden, Connor Cupp, Brody Brotz, Carl Rumsey and Aaron Northrup.
The Rams ran the ball 49 times for 436 yards and 7 TD's. That is an average of 8.8 yards per carry.
Mr. Touchdown Connor DiDomineck lead the team with 12 carries for 184 yards and 3 TD's. A average of 15 yards per carry. Connor was our DJ Flamingo Player Of The Game. he gets a dozen wings from DJ's.
Tyler Finch ran the ball 13 times for 122 yards and a TD and Steamroller Stefan Ordway ran the ball 16 Times for 98 yards, 2 TD's and gave free rides to countless Mustangs on his back, arms,waist and legs.
The Rams came up 2 yards short of having 3 back with over 100 yards.
While Dansville scored 28 points. Only 21 came at the hands of the Black Shirt Defense.
The mustangs had a Kickoff Return for a TD in the game.
The Black Shirt Defense was led by Seth Walden with 5 tackles. Brandon Finch and Damon Herrick each had 4 tackles on the night.
A couple career milestones in the game.
The DiDominator went over 2000 rushing yards in his career. He eclipsed the 40 Touchdown mark. 39 on the ground and 2 receiving.  
Tyler Finch went over 1500 rushing yards in his career.
Stefan Ordway is 60 yards shy of going over 1000 yards in his career.
Coach Wayne Carroll now has 178 victories and moved into sole possession of 8th all time in Section V and 2 on the active wins list in Section V with Hilton's loss to Fairport.
The Rams improve to 15 and 5 over Dville. 8 and 3 at Dville. The Rams have now won the last 4 games by a score of 185 to 60 and are 11 and 1 against the Mustangs since 2006.
The Rams are now 2 and 0 overall and 1 and 0 in the LCAA Division 1. Tied with their friendly foes the Hornell Red Raiders at the top of the standings. 
These two meet in Week 4.
But...... before we get to the Route 17 Rivalry.
The Rams have a exciting, emotional and big game Friday night when they host Letchworth/Warsaw.
This is the Rams home opener and the debut of the Carroll Carpet at Bath Haverling.
Not a lot of history between these two teams.
They last played in 2015 when the Rams beat Letsaw 49 to 0 in Bath.
Bath under Coach Carroll is 4 and 0 all time against Letchworth and or Warsaw. Outscoring them in those games 132 to 33.
Letchworth has had success in their football program. They have won 3 Section V titles. 1 Far West Regional Title and done something the Rams have yet to do. Win a State Title in Class D in 2011.
Most recently they won the LCAA D2 last year and finished 7 and 1 losing in the first round of sectionals.
They have a first year head Coach Justin Mann.
He has been an assistant with the Program the last few years and with the Warsaw program before that.
Letchworth/Warsaw is 1 and 1.
They opened the season by beating Wellsville 28 to 15.
Last week they lost to Cal-Mum/BB 34 to 6. Who the Rams beat 24 to 20.
Letsaw has a really good two way player in Kaiden Davis.  He has ran the ball this season 19 times for 230 yards and a TD.  He also had 13 tackles from his Linebacker position against the Lions.
Letsaw did give up a lot of rushing yards against Cal-Mum/BB. Even more than what the Rams gave up week 1.
If Letsaw is vulnerable against the run and the Rams can contain K. Davis.
It should be a celebration after the ceremonies on Friday night.
A win would set up a huge game on Saturday Sept 23rd when the Big Bad Bullies on the block and defending LCAA D1 champs the Hornell Red Raiders come to town to try and get revenge from the last time they came to town and the Rams easily took care of business 58 to 20 in 2015.
The Countdown to Kickoff Pregame show with the Coaches Corner starts at 6:45PM on Friday. On AM1380WABH, 100.3FM, on line at 1380wabh.com and with our FREE Tunein app. Just download the app for any mobile device and look up WVIN.
Go Rams!!!!!!!!!!!


Rams Radio Report 2017 #1

The Bath Rams Football team started their season where it ended last season. At Hamilton Field at Ca-Mum Central School.

The Rams fell behind early after going for a 4th down in their own territory and not getting it. The Rams reeled off two TD's to take a 16 to 8 halftime lead.

The Rams were on the verge of scoring late in the 4th quarter and looking to add to their 16 to 14 lead  when their drive stalled inside the Village Pharmacy Red Zone.

Cal Mum was inside their own 10 yard line with less than 3 minutes to play and down 16 to 14. On their second play from scrimmage  the Cal Mum running back went down the sideline all the way to the house. Putting Cal Mum up 20 to 16.
Connor Cupp made a big tackle on the 2 point conversion denying the Red Raiders two more points.

The Rams got the ball back with under 2 minutes to go.

First year starting Quarterback Noah Hockaday lead his team to around mid field and then hit Senior  TE/WR Trevor Boss for the go ahead and eventual game winning Touchdown.

Noah Hockaday was our DJ's Flamingo Player of the game. Noah gets a dozen wings from DJ's Flamingo on the Bath-Kanona Road.

Noah went 8 for 12 for 127 yards and 2 Touchdown passes.  He threw 2 completions for 2 point conversions. Noah carried the ball 5 times for 24 yards and he had 4 tackles on Defense

Senior Running Back Tyler Finch had a big game. 21 carries for 116 yards. That's an average of 5.5 yards per tote. Finch had a rushing TD and a 2 point conversion.
Finchy also had 4 tackles from his Linebacker position

The DiDominator Senior Running Back Connor DiDomineck had 7 carries for 61 yards and 4 catches for 54 yards and a TD.
Connor was second in tackles from his DE spot with 5 and a sack.

Zach Tenny lead the team in tackles with 7 along with a sack.
The Black shirts had 4 sacks in the game.

The Offesive line did a great job.
The Rams ran the ball 45 times for 235 yards and a TD and a rushing 2 point conversion.
That is an average of 5.22 yards per carry.

The Rams were 1 for 2 inside the Village Pharmacy Red Zone.

The Rams now lead the series with Cal Mum/BB

The Rams are 3 and 1 at home against Cal Mum/BB.
Bath had never won at Cal Mum under Coach Wayne Carroll.
Going into the game the Rams were 0-2 at Cal Mum  and 0-1 vs. Cal Mum at Cal Mum. Suffering a 49-8 loss in 1998. The Rams inaugural season in the LCAA.

The other loss at Cal Mum was last year in the Class C Semi Finals losing to ERG 14-8.

Coach Carroll is now 6-6 vs Cal Mum Coach Bill Donegan.

3-0 at Cal Mum over the last two years
3-6 from 1998 to 2006 when Coach Donegan was at HFL.

Coach Carroll improves to 177-95 in his 31st season overall and 26th at Bath.

He is tied for 2nd on the active wins list in Section V.

With the win Friday night.
Coach Carroll is now not only tied with Hilton Head Coach Rich Lipani for 8th all time in Section V but with East Rochester former coach Don Quinn.

With the win over the Red Raiders. Coach Carroll is now only 9 wins behind the Section V Hall Of Fame Coach from Cal Mum Mike Monacelli.

The Rams are now 1 and 0. Nothing new to Rams fans and Coach Carroll. This is the 4th season opener the Rams have won in a row.  At Bath Coach Carroll is 19 and 7 in season opening games at Bath. 22 and 9 overall in his career.

The Rams now turn their attention to the 0 and 1 Dansville Mustangs.

The Rams will travel to the Mustang Corral on Friday night.

Last Year the Rams beat Dansville 53-12 in Dansville.

Coach Carroll since 1992 is 14 and 5 vs Dansville.

The Rams have shutout Dville 7 times.

The Rams are 7 and 3 at the Mustang Corral.
The last time the Rams lost to Dansville was in 2013
28-18 in Bath.

The last time the Rams went to Dansville and didn't bring home a win was in 2004. In a 15 to 0 loss.

The other losses came in 1998, 1999, 2004, 2005.

After Dansville beat Bath in 2005 the Series was tied 4 to 4.
So the Rams are 10 and 1 in the last 11 meetings.

In the last 3 games. The Rams have outscored Dansville 136 to 32.
That is an average of 45.3 for Bath and 10.6 for Dville.

Can the Rams improve to 2 and 0.
Tune in Friday night to the Rams Radio Network.
The Countdown To Kickoff show with the Coaches Corner with Head Coach Wayne Carroll starts at 6:45PM from the Subway of Bath Broadcast Booth.
Kickoff anytime after 7:20PM.


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